About Us

What We Do

Detachment 207 was founded by a group of ARMA 3 veterans with the purpose of providing a serious and quality experience for players in Australia, New Zealand and the SE Asia.

We pride ourselves on our ability to act as a well oiled machine and get missions done with ease, no matter the challenge. Our team is made up of current and ex serving members and brings a wide breadth of experience to our many roles we offer.

Our current make up is a direct action shock platoon (Commando inspired) with a weapons group, ISR elements and an aviation element.

If you are looking to join a serious and newly formed unit that is focused on quality rather than quantity, Detachment 207 might be for you. We will grow your skills and abilities, and you will become an integral part of the unit.

We host Training & Operations on a weekly basis for our personnel and maintain a chain of command with a high level of training to ensure our members are ready for all scenarios and situations.

What We Offer

Infantry (Commando)
If you love being boots on the ground and working with a team of like minded individuals then this position is for you. Our commando troop makes up the majority of our members.


Infantry (ISR)
If you consider yourself somewhat of a marksman, or you’re interested in behaviour and pattern recognition, then you’ll fit right into our scout/sniper team or our reconnaissance patrol.


Infantry (Heavy weapons)
Often the unit finds itself up against enemy armour or aviation assets. The heavy weapons team is responsible for operating heavy machine guns and anti-tank weapons. This role generally comes with the rest of the unit saying “thanks for saving our ass back there” post every op.

We have both rotary and fixed wing roles within the unit in which we never deploy without. If you like watching the battles from the skies in some of the coolest pieces of kit, then you’ll love our aviation wing.

A Squadron

A Squadron is a task organised Company/Squadron intended to be self sufficient in its employment, this means everything from reconnaissance, logistics, aviation and offensive support is all conducted by members filling those roles in the unit full time.

The SQN HQ is responsible for planning, training and recruiting members to 207 and is the overarching command element in the unit, giving guidance to the assault and supporting troops.

MAJ Tate
A Squadron Commanding Officer

Assault Troop

The Assault Troop, the Shock troops, the guys that get in and get shit done. We are currently made up of a 7 Man HQ element who conducts in field command and control of the platoon.

Two 10 man sections each made up of a Section leader, 2ic and Section Medic. Both sections have slightly different roles in order to combat a variety of situations.

We strive for minimal casualties and maximum effectiveness in all our operations.

If being on the front lines shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest guys to play the game please enquire further and we’d be happy to discuss getting you into the action straight away.

LT Chiefy
Assault Troop Commander

Support Troop

Support troop is responsible for providing fire support and operational assistance to the combat elements as well as providing combat elements for certain situations.

Logistics No army can do anything without the beans, bullets and bandages.

Aviation Fixed and rotary wing support in the form of air transport, recon, logistic support and close air support tasking.

Reconnaissance Close in or long range recon, the masters of many weapons and situations. Multipurpose by name and by mission description.

Direct Fire Weapons/Mortars The long arm of the troop. Javelins, MAAWS, Stingers, Mortars, Artillery, Heavy Machine Guns, Vehicles.


Support Troop Commander

Come join our discord and talk to our recruiters today!

A regularly updated Order of Battle can be found here.

Tim rules.